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All of our book titles are freely available for you to download. We simply ask that you keep to our terms and conditions. You can choose to look at the available books by category, or by using the search icon (the magnifying glass) just below our logo to find a word or words from the titles of books. (This search operates over the entire site but, after entering a word, you can opt to run the search again but restricting it to "Phoca Download" only.)

To see a full list of the titles available, including those on our Africa and Asia sites, in one Acrobat Reader document (PDF format), click on "Full Index" in the Information Menu or click here. The titles are divided into sections according to the language in which they are written. Having found a title in which you are interested, the quickest way to find it is to return to this Download section, view the next page and enter a word or words from the title or content description in the Search box. Click on "Choose by category" from the main menu, or on the button at the bottom of this page.

Most booklets are provided in both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher formats; Africa and Asia titles may be in either or both. Publisher will automatically print the pages so that A4 sheets, printed back to back, can be folded to produce an A5 booklet. Word is better suited to producing single-sided A5 sheets that can be stapled into a booklet, although it is not too difficult to get it to print on A4 sheets as with Publisher. (Instructions on how to do this are shown on the inside front cover of each Word book). Because the Publisher files tend to be large, they are all provided in compressed format as ZIP files. The Africa and Asia sites have some books formatted for A6 or even A7 size, and the Africa site, in particular, has a number of papers and studies that are not in Shell Book format, but are simple A4 or Letter size documents.

Please note that some of the older books were not produced to as high a standard as we would have wished. We are now actively revising these and gradually replacing them with improved versions. Also, please note that some books still show an old postal address on the title page for Wycliffe Associates (UK). Our new working name is MissionAssist and the current address is:

PO Box 257, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 9AW, United Kingdom.

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