Shell Books

This site has been produced by the "Functional Literacy" project within MissionAssist. We are a charitable incorporated organization in the United Kingdom. If you would like more information about our parent organization, perhaps with a view to helping support our work, please click on our logo at the very bottom of the page to go to our main website.

Our aim is to produce simple booklets as a resource for literacy workers who are teaching adults to read. The subject matter covers a range of practical subjects that can be used to teach new skills or to generate interest in new projects. We use a concept known as "Shell Books". These are "how to do it" booklets, produced as computer files for Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher that can be printed off locally. The text can be lifted out and replaced in any language whilst the pictures and all the formatting (the "shell") remain.

All the booklets were originally written in English but many have now been translated into French, Portuguese, Spanish and EasyEnglish. The subjects include things such as simple construction techniques, jam making, bicycle maintenance, health and hygiene, diseases and illnesses, animal husbandry and small-scale farming. You may freely download any booklet and use it, provided that you keep to our terms and conditions.

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The document that contains a full index of all our files is available in Adobe's "Portable Document" format (PDF). For more information about Adobe's Acrobat Reader (and PDF), click here.

The booklets that are available in Microsoft Publisher format are also compressed in the widely available "Zip" format. For more information about zip files, click here.

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