Shell Books

Rather than download a large number of books, or if you wish to keep all the files in a reference facility, you may prefer to ask for one of our free CDs or memory sticks. We currently produce three CDs with all the English titles, and two each for the French, Portuguese and Spanish titles. Each disk will carry a version number. We are also in a position to send out memory sticks and many people find these easier to use, as everything fits on to one stick. If you are able to use one, just let us know!

At any time after you receive the memory stick (or disk), you can revisit this site and look under "Latest Files" to see if any new titles have been added, or "General Notes" to see if any have been revised. To request a free CD or memory stick, click on "Contact Us" in the main menu above, then select "Shell Books" from the list of contacts, click on "Contact Form" and fill out the form with your contact details, specifying a memory stick or whichever CD (or CDs) you would like. There is also a postal address that you may use if you prefer. Please mark your envelope "Shell Books CD". If you would like a CD,  please let us know your choice (English, French, Portuguese or Spanish, or any combination) - and a postal address to which you would like them to be sent.

We offer our media freely, and so you are under no obligation, but if you would like to defray the cost of the media and postage, or if you would like to make a general donation towards the work of MissionAssist, we would be most grateful. You may do so through a secure link with PayPal by clicking on the button link below. Your gift can be anonymous but, if you are a British tax payer, we are also able to reclaim the tax element of your donation, if you provide the necessary details. Thank you!


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