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We have distributed all the Microsoft Publisher files in a compressed file format known as a "zip" file. For those who are using any version of Windows from XP onwards (XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8), a "zip" utility is included with the Windows Explorer program. (See your Windows help files for details on how to use this.) You will need to "unzip" these files before you can load them into Microsoft Publisher.

The "zip" process is a common function in computing whereby a file (or series of files) is compressed to a single file that is much smaller in size than the original(s). This considerably reduces the amount of time taken to upload and download files from the internet. When a file (or series of files) is compressed, this is known as "zipping" them. Similarly, when files have been compressed into one single file, the process of decompressing them is known as "unzipping". Most "zip" programs will carry out both functions.

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