Crafts and Skills

Crafts and Skills

These are Shell Book titles in English relating to crafts.


A Bottle-top Fish Scaler
 488.76 KB

This is a very simple way of making a tool to scrape the scales off a fish before cooking. It just needs a piece of wood and some bottle tops.

A Recipe for Wheat Bread
 1.96 MB

This describes how to make leavened bread using flour and yeast.

A Simple Chicken-feeder
 547.2 KB

This explains how to make a simple chicken feeder from a plastic bucket or similar container.

A Tough Doormat
 520.4 KB

How to make a doormat from bottle tops.

A Useful Fly Trap
 738.42 KB

How to make a fly trap for the home from two plastic bottles.

Another Way to Preserve Fruit
 931.93 KB

Another Way to Preserve Fruit: Make it into delicious squashes

Bamboo Water Pipes
 854.36 KB

How to construct a water pipeline from bamboo.

Banana Chips
 851.97 KB

This booklet describes how to make banana chips using either fried or dried banana chips.

Bicycle Maintenance, Book 1
 628.63 KB

How to put oil on the right places and prevent a bicycle becoming rusty.

Bicycle Maintenance, Book 2
 1.07 MB

Mending a flat tyre.

Bicycle Maintenance, Book 3
 1.12 MB

All about the chain.

Bicycle Maintenance, Book 4
 961.97 KB

How to adjust the brakes.

Bicycle Maintenance, Book 5
 545.88 KB

Safety, comfort and light repairs.

Breeze Blocks
 959.41 KB

Building blocks made from sand and cement can be used as an alternative to bricks. They are known as "Breeze Blocks".

Building with Bricks and Breeze Blocks
 1.56 MB

How to build using bricks or breeze blocks and mortar. It includes instructions on making mortar, concrete and the necessary tools.

 1.07 MB

This book describes how a candle works and specifies the materials and methods needed for small-scale production of candles.

Charcoal Briquettes
 1012.05 KB

How to turn woody waste into charcoal briquettes.

Collecting Rainwater
 1.93 MB

Collecting rainwater is important where rainfall is infrequent or sparse. Here you will find several methods.

Compressed Earth Blocks
 4.47 MB

Compressed Earth Blocks

Decorative and Useful Walls
 2.51 MB

If you are short of space, a few old breeze blocks can be put to good use by building a vertical garden for flowers, herbs or vegetables.

Evaporative Cooling, Book 1
 1.72 MB

Inexpensive fridges to preserve your fruit and vegetables. 

Evaporative Cooling, Book 2 Updated
 1.4 MB

How to Make a Zeer Pot Fridge.

Evaporative Cooling, Book 3
 1.6 MB

How to build a static, cooling chamber.

First Steps in Crochet
 696.82 KB

This describes a method of knitting woollen yarn with a single needle to form stitches in a chain and create crochet work.

First Steps in Knitting
 2.24 MB

The first part of this book describes simple knitting methods. More difficult stitches are described at the end of the book.

Fruit Leathers
 773.4 KB

Delicious snacks that you can make at home. This book explains how to make fruit leathers as a way of preserving a plentiful harvest.

How to Make a Bicycle Trailer
 767.33 KB

How to make a bicycle trailer

How to Make a Donkey Cart or Ambulance
 4.69 MB

This provides a detailed explanation of how to build a donkey cart or ambulance.

How to Make a Pom-Pom
 606.91 KB

A pom-pom is a decorative, fluffy ball made from wool or other material.

How to Make a Rat Trap
 1.12 MB

A simple rat trap made with a bucket, wire, a corn cob and peanut butter.

How to Make a Skirt
 1.79 MB

This book comprises a step-by-step guide to making skirts in three different styles: gathered, circle and maxi.

How to Make a Water Filter
 1.05 MB

How to make a simple filter to give clean drinking water, using locally available materials.

How to Make a Woodworking Bench
 1.31 MB

This booklet shows you how to make a woodworking bench without the use of steel parts.

How To Make Bricks
 2.47 MB

This describes how to make bricks from clay, water and other materials using a wooden or metal mould and how to build a kiln or pit and bake bricks in it.

How to Make Cassava Doughnuts
 624.44 KB

This booklet shows you how to make doughnuts with cassava flour.

How To Make Green Mango Chutney
 686.58 KB

Hot to make chutney from green, unripe mangoes or tomatoes.

How to Make Indigo Dye
 929.75 KB

This book explains how to make indigo dye: the best plants to use and the equipment needed.

How to use a Sewing Machine
 3.14 MB

Advice on setting up, using, adjusting and maintaining a treadle sewing machine.

Lining Fish Ponds
 1.34 MB

How to line a fish pond using clay or pig manure and grass cuttings.

Make Your Own Soap
 660.57 KB

A recipe for making soap, using caustic soda and vegetable or animal oil.

Making a Mud Stove
 906.59 KB

Making a One-Door Two-Hole Mud Stove. This book explains how to make a mud stove to control the heat and help with your cooking.

Making a Pack-saddle
 2.75 MB

Advice on how to make and fit a good pack-saddle so that you and your animal can work better.

Making Jam
 761.02 KB

A general method of making jam from fruit with a recipe for melon and pineapple jam.

Mixed Fruit Juice
 2.88 MB

Unhappy Customers. Two women sell passion fruit and pineapple mixed juice. One has not made it correctly so it makes her customers ill.

Preserve your Food by Drying
 1.63 MB

A tent drier can be used to dry fruit and vegetables in the heat of the sun.

Preserving Food in Hot Climates
 1.16 MB

Two simple methods of keeping food cool and so prolonging its safe life.

Preserving Mangoes & Other Fruit
 2.49 MB

Some ways to preserve fruit so that it is available for eating out of season.

Protection from Lightning
 1.08 MB

Advice on how to protect buildings from lightning strikes.

Rainwater Harvesting with Sand Dams
 1.34 MB

Water shortages are a problem in arid and semi-arid lands.

Sewing - Stitches and Mending
 1.44 MB

An introduction to simple stitches, hems, seams, buttonholes and darning.

Smoking Fish
 499.58 KB

Fish can be preserved for a few days by smoking it. It can then be eaten at home or sold in the market.

Soya Milk from Soya Beans
 555.28 KB

Advice on how to make soya milk from soybeans, with a use for the left-over solids.

The Tippy Tap
 632.82 KB

A simple device for conserving water in the home, using a large, plastic bottle.

Two Fuel Saving Ovens
 1.97 MB

Two designs for a simple oven using old oil drums that will use fuel much more efficiently than an open fire.

Upgrading Traditional Wells
 1.37 MB

This describes and illustrates how to improve wells that have fallen into disrepair.

Using a Sandbar to Grow Pumpkins
 744.09 KB

This book demonstrates how to grow pumpkins on a sandbar using the pit cultivation approach.

Water Hyacinth
 2.22 MB

From problem to productive free resource: this book explains that, although the water hyacinth has become a problem, it can be very useful.