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Bicycle Maintenance, Book 1
 630.14 KB

How to put oil on the right places and prevent a bicycle becoming rusty.

Baby Care, Book 1
 1.5 MB

This story is about a strong and healthy family and the little one, for whom the mother is preparing. It is about pregnancy and birth.

The Easter Story
 768.24 KB

These short studies of the Easter story consist of thirty-one short readings taken from John’s gospel.

Bicycle Maintenance, Book 2
 1.07 MB

Mending a flat tyre.

Cattle Care
 687.1 KB

An interesting booklet on how to care for your cattle, including hints on milking, breeding and the care of your calves.

Baby Care, Book 2
 1.02 MB

This contains advice on the stage of a baby's life between birth and weaning. It deals with food, injections and cleanliness.

Alcohol Abuse
 1.15 MB

This booklet describes the dangers and consequences of drinking too much alcohol.

Bicycle Maintenance, Book 3
 615.82 KB

All about the chain.

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