These are Shell Book titles in English relating to crafts.


Water Hyacinth
 1.7 MB

From problem to productive free resource: this book explains that, although the water hyacinth has become a problem, it can be very useful.

Fruit Leathers
 773.84 KB

Delicious snacks that you can make at home. This book explains how to make fruit leathers as a way of preserving a plentiful harvest.

Using a Sandbar to Grow Pumpkins
 742.6 KB

This book demonstrates how to grow pumpkins on a sandbar using the pit cultivation approach.

How to Make a Skirt
 1.78 MB

This book comprises a step-by-step guide to making skirts in three different styles: gathered, circle and maxi.

Making a Pack-saddle
 2.75 MB

Advice on how to make and fit a good pack-saddle so that you and your animal can work better.

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