Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture and Farming

These are Shell Book titles in English relating to agriculture and farming.


Growing Bamboo
 483.47 KB

Advice on how to cultivate bamboo plants from cuttings.

Cattle Care
 687.1 KB

An interesting booklet on how to care for your cattle, including hints on milking, breeding and the care of your calves.

Fattening Cattle in your Backyard
 701.82 KB

How to buy a few cows, look after them, fatten them up and sell them for a profit.

Chicken Care, Book 1
 1.26 MB

This is an introduction to keeping hens. It covers building a hen house and what sort of food to provide.

Chicken Care, Book 2
 594.22 KB

Advice on the daily care of poultry, food and water and how to choose good hens.

Chicken Care, Book 3
 623.95 KB

Advice on how to select the right hens for reproduction, the right eggs for incubation and the care of newly hatched chicks.


Chicken Care, Book 4
 999.44 KB

This deals with the symptoms and treatment of various diseases and pests that affect chickens.

How to Treat Coccidiosis in Chickens
 1.75 MB

Coccidiosis is a disease in chickens which is caused by parasites. This book describes how to treat it.

Increase Chicken Production
 1.21 MB

This booklet helps you to increase the number of chickens you have.

How to Make and Use Compost
 1.23 MB

Instructions on how to make a compost container out of an old oil drum.

Cultivating Eru
 2.32 MB

Advice is given to enable farmers to propagate cultivated eru from cuttings.

Keeping Fish and Ducks
 3.24 MB

Here are some basic suggestions for keeping ducks on a fish pond.

Raising Fish
 1.57 MB

Advice on siting, building and maintaining a fishpond, then buying, farming and harvesting the fish to go in it.

Harvesting Fruit the Easy Way
 511.44 KB

Some methods of harvesting fruit are dangerous and damage the fruit. Using a container on the end of a stick is safe and fruit can be picked without damage.

Growing Vegetables in Bags
 660.78 KB

Growing vegetables in plastic bags.

Gardening in a Small Space
 5.86 MB

This contains three simple ideas for planting some herbs or vegetables where space is limited.

Raising Goats
 2.09 MB

A goat is a good animal to keep because it gives very good milk and meat.

Good Granary Design
 739.43 KB

A suggested design for a raised grain or food store to discourage raids by rats and mice.

Rice Paddy, Book 1
 707.48 KB

This is the first in a series of four books on planting and maintaining a rice paddy. It looks at how to plant rice.

Rice Paddy, Book 2
 580.84 KB

This is the second in a series of four books on planting and maintaining a rice paddy. It looks at problems with poor soil.

Rice Paddy, Book 3
 592.27 KB

This is the third in a series of four books on planting and maintaining a rice paddy. It looks at problems with pests.

Rice Paddy, Book 4
 542.52 KB

This is the fourth in a series of four books on planting and maintaining a rice paddy. It looks at problems with diseases.

Collecting and Keeping Seeds
 672.25 KB

Harvesting seeds enables farmers to avoid purchasing them from others each year.

Early Maize Seedlings
 777.5 KB

How to give maize seedlings an early start and save time between crops.

Sterilising Seed Beds
 564.28 KB

This explains how to use the heat of the sun to sterilise seed beds.

An Easy Way to Water Seeds
 1.32 MB

Use a tin can or plastic bottle as a mini-reservoir alongside your seeds or seedlings.

Wood and Rice Husk Ash
 917.79 KB

This booklet explains how to keep pests from your crops by using ash from wood or rice husks.

How to Make Natural Pesticides
 1.12 MB

This booklet tells you how to use red chilli peppers to help keep pests away from your crops.

Starting A Tree Nursery
 3.68 MB

How to create a tree nursery from the preparation of the ground to planting trees and caring for them.

Olive Trees, Olives and Olive Oil
 2.87 MB

This book tells you how to cultivate olive trees and how their fruit and wood can be used, along with some references to olives in the Bible.

Making a Beehive
 1.01 MB

How to make a simple beehive from local and low-cost materials.

How to Extract Quality Honey
 2.11 MB

This explains what equipment and methods are needed to extract honey from the honeycomb.

How to Manage Bees
 3.68 MB

This explains how to manage bees: planning the work, inspecting the hive and understanding what you see.

Making a Bee-keeper’s Veil
 3.8 MB

How to make and wear a cheap and simple bee veil.

Food and Farming
 1.58 MB

An overview of relevant Shell Books on farming and food.

Small Livestock - Guinea Pigs
 1.11 MB

Guinea pigs are easy to raise for households and small-scale farmers.

Small Livestock - Rabbits
 2.33 MB

Rabbits are useful animals for individual farmers, village groups and schools.

Coping with Climate Change: Tips for Farmers
 2.48 MB

Coping with Climate Change: Tips for Farmers

Making Compost in a Pit or Box
 655.09 KB

Farmers and gardeners use compost to improve their soils and increase their crop yields. This book describes one approach to making compost.

How to Make and Use a Donkey Plough
 1.49 MB

This book shows how to make a donkey-powered plough and how to ensure the donkey can pull it comfortably and well.

Hydroponics - Growing Crops without Soil
 1.91 MB

This book describes and illustrates six systems for growing fruit and vegetables hydroponically.

Growing Mushrooms
 610.79 KB

Growing mushrooms can provide a useful extra income stream or supply additional protein for the family diet.

Natural Regeneration - a Bonus for Farmers
 1.23 MB

This book explains how natural regeneration by farmers using simple, low-cost techniques can encourage the re-growth of trees from live stumps and from seeds in the ground.

Crickets — the New Cattle?
 1.32 MB

Crickets — the New Cattle?