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Growing Bamboo
 483.47 KB

Advice on how to cultivate bamboo plants from cuttings.

Aids and How to Avoid It
 1.96 MB

Advice on how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Simple Bible Studies, Book 1
 546.51 KB

This booklet contains a number of very simple studies from 1 John and Romans 12.

A Young Boy goes to Market
 488.71 KB

A market trader assumes his customers will not understand the metric system and tries to cheat them.

Simple Bible Studies, Book 2
 1.22 MB

This booklet contains a number of very simple studies based on Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Parts of the Body
 10.48 MB

Most of the external parts of the body are illustrated and have three text boxes attached for different languages.

Weaning Your Baby
 575.55 KB

An easy-to-read booklet, giving good advice on how to feed your baby for the first two years of its life.

Pre-Reading Age Children
 1.61 MB

This is a book to stimulate the minds of young children before they can read.

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